24 Chapter Twenty Three / Dream Girls

Detective Wade arrived outside of Dream Girls Gentleman’s Club at 8:45 p.m. and parked around back in an area the owner kept clear for members of the police department to park in. He made his way to the back door and knocked three times to signal the dishwasher to open the door for him, shaking hands and saying the usual one liner greetings to the majority of the kitchen staff as he made his way to the main room.

Detective Terry Date sat in his usual booth in the back corner of the establishment drinking what had to be at least his 12th Ballantine’s of the day looking like he had run a scotch marathon as of late. Ted Wade took the opposite seat from him and motioned an older waitress in a referee shirt and black skirt over and ordered a double Johnnie Walker Platinum. Detectives Wade and Date were not crooked cops so they didn’t have the kind of money to drink this way on a daily basis; but if a local business owner just happened to keep their favorite scotches on hand in case they wanted to add a police presence to his establishment they would be more than happy to oblige.

“Did you have any luck today partner?” Date asked looking away from the main stage for a moment and taking a sip from his glass.

“Not a damn bit, neither did Gaines.”

“Who the fuck is Gaines, your new partner?” for a moment Date looked offended but then quickly returned his eyes to the short blond in a school girl uniform.

“That’s the rookie with badge dreams that I got doing all the work you should be, so I guess he’s my partner in training.” Wade smiled and watched as the waitress placed his drink on the table.

“Asshole, fine if you want tomorrow I’ll wake up at nine in the fucking morning and be standing outside my door spit shined for you like a whore by 10.”

“That’s what I want, the bottle’s sloppy seconds sitting my car stinking it up first the morning. Oh and by the way 10:00 a.m. is not actually first thing in the morning for normal people.”

“Okay I’ll be outside my door at 9:00 a.m. jackass and how bout we hit the gym if we get a second sometime in the afternoon.” Terry was sitting up in his seat now looking right at Wade like he meant every word.

“What the fuck is wrong with you Terry, I give you a little ribbing and now you want to go to the gym? Slow down buddy I ain’t the one divorcing ya, you ain’t gotta keep it tight for me.” He could see that Date was finally feeling the stress of the divorce and it wasn’t sitting well with him.

“Carolyn’s planning on moving some asshole into my house.” He finished his glass and pointed it out to the waitress. “I still love her man, almost as much as I can’t fucking stand her. This, this just really means she’s moving on and I’m feeling a bit worthless. I need to work this case, get buried in the job you know?” for the first time in their twelve year history Ted Wade could see Date beginning to tear up.

“Look asshole I’ll be at your door at 8:30 a.m. and we’ll hit the gym on Maracopa. The guy that runs the place said I can work out for free whenever we want because we found his Camaro that time.

“The roid freak with the tiny girlfriend?”

“That’s the one; he’s got a real nice place over there. Then we can cruise over to the Red Onion and have some Huevos Rancheros for protein and start looking at ancient RV’s around 11:00.”

“So the Pounder’s are the only thing that we’ve got to work on so far?”

“Pretty much, the son of a bitch hasn’t left us anything else. He even bleaches the bodies so anything that might be left on the victim is worthless to us.”

“I didn’t see anything that looked like a pattern, their all from different areas, went to different schools did they belong to any clubs together, were they on each other’s Facebook’s or whatever the equivalent is this week?” Date has somehow pulled himself from his drunken stupor and was beginning to use his years of detective skills to make his way through the standard litany of questions.

“If you want I’ve got my copy of the file in the back seat, yours is on your desk.”

“I’ve still got one of those?” He took a sip of the fresh drink placed before him and motioned to each of the detective’s glasses.

“Yeah well, at least until Gaines needs it.” Wade smirked.


The two finished another three rounds of drinks and then Wade offered to give Terry Date a ride back to his motel for the night. Handing off the file on the Ransom murders so the detective could peruse it while he passed out presumably sitting in the old worn out recliner by the window in his hotel.


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