27 Chapter Twenty Six / The Little Room

The cinder block wall was painted a basic tan; it was as if it had been bought at a store for the most dead and soulless people who just needed to cover the most basic of walls with a paint substance. There was a black metal frame futon against one wall that Grace had seen at Wal-Mart with a grey blanket on it that looked like it had come out of the back of a moving truck for the express purpose of keeping furniture from banging into something and a pillow that felt and looked like it had been found on the side of the road. There was a toilet that sat almost in the middle of the floor that was attached to a pipe that ran up the wall and disappeared right at were the cinder block wall stopped and before the house above began. The ceiling was not finished but it did have insulation stuffed between the 2x4s that held the particle board floor above. There was one wall that was sheetrock or drywall. Grace had no idea which and there was what looked like a two way mirror placed in the middle of it. The man had tossed in food twice that day in a paper bag and there would be bottled water tossed in seconds after as well. The bag of food consisted of peanut butter on white bread and a banana. Usually, the door would slam shut right after this but this time he stood in the doorway. His face was shrouded by a black bandana; he was just a shadow in the doorway but she knew he was up to something evil.

“I know it’s just a matter of time before your daddy tells me he can’t get the money sweetness, and when he does that, you and I can start having some fun. But I’m a man of my word so not till then.” She could see that his hand moved across the front of his jeans and she could tell he was rubbing himself through the denim as he stared at her and the reality of what this sick pervert was thinking became very clear. She pulled herself as far into the corner as she could to make sure she was as far away from him as she could be.

“Oh yeah, babycakes as soon as I hang up the phone with him I’ll be taking care of that…..” he stopped mid-sentence and made a sickening sighing noise that made Graces skin crawl and then in a deeper voice of pure evil “I’m gonna fucking destroy you little girl.”

Grace had now pulled the disgusting grey blanket up almost covering her eyes but not quite high enough for her to not notice the floor of the basement behind the shadowy demon and the fact that there were at least five pairs of girl’s shoes of different sizes and types in a row up against the wall behind him. He closed the door behind him and she could hear a bolt or lock slide across the outside of the door and then she heard the outer door close and another strange sound that she could tell was probably some sort of a lock being applied.

The kidnapper stood outside of the basement door and looked across the sky as if he expected to see something other than the star flecked navy blue blanket that covered the desert. He walked forward until he was in the center of what looked like a giant circle that had been haphazardly made out of junked cars, tires and miscellaneous scrap items and then he pulled off his shirt and felt the slight wind that blew lightly across his bare chest. He was covered in a layer of sweat and dirt and it seemed like the wind was randomly gathering dirt and sand and depositing it all over every exposed piece of flesh. He removed his jeans and stood naked before the darkness and then felt the dirt beginto cover the lower half of his body. He was in a small dust storm that appeared to be attracted to his naked flesh. His eyes had remained closed as he disrobed and he now opened them and the dark unholy redness was revealed. His power was building deep inside; he was becoming the monster that ate the children of the undeserving, or so he could vividly see in the imaginary world that resided between his ears. He howled toward the moon and took off out into the desert, naked except for his shoes, a wild animal on the lose who had somehow for over twenty years pulled this same strange ritual and never once been taken down by a snake or any of the other deadly creatures that owned the desert floor after nightfall.



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