21 Chapter Twenty / Paperback Thriller

The next portion of the drive took Jay from Germantown, Tennessee to Little Rock, Arkansas and then on to I-40 which would take him through Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. He had spent a little over 5 hours and had about 25 more including gas and piss stops that would put him in Arizona about 6 hours early giving him some time to scout out the area where he had located Grace’s phone before it was smashed. But what the fuck was he going to do when he got there? He had never experienced this kind of insanity before. This was the kind of shit you saw in a movie or read in some paperback thriller not something that a restaurant manager with absolutely no training could pull off. He had figured out how to trace Grace’s phone in a split second and even though he had told the monster that he had absolutely no money he had somehow scraped together over $30,000 in a short time. Then another maddening thought brought back that sick in the bottom of his stomach for Jay; he did have $30,000 but that was twenty thousand less than the asshole had told him he needed. He now faced the reality of what he already subconsciously knew in the back of his mind. He was going to have to take the rest of the money from someone or somewhere. But how was he going to do it and from who? He had only ever shoplifted forty ounce malt liquors when he was a stupid teenager so he was a little rusty when it came to his keen criminal skills. How could he ever transform himself into a criminal mastermind in one day and on top of that into someone who was probably going to have to do something drastic like kill a man to keep his daughter safe. He realized at this point those were just words. He had seen a million plus bad guys die in action films and he himself had taken down dozens in the magically violent world of Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty but when it was a living breathing son of a bitch that would probably have a gun and that could kill him permanently as well. Would he be able to pull the trigger and if so if he missed would he be able to run, duck and get away long enough to reload a gun? He figured the best thing to do was pull over somewhere in the desert in New Mexico or in the middle of nowhere in Texas and fire a couple of rounds and then try to reload quickly and see just how bad he was at it. He realized that he no longer was worried like he had been before. It was like the only stress now was if he had enough time to get this done and become what he had to so that he would be able to get Grace out and even though there had been a moment when he felt inside that he was not afraid to die and that he knew that he was definitely doing this, he was now keenly aware that dying was not an option because worthless pigs walked the earth and he would make sure that not one more single fucking one of them would hurt or frighten his daughter. The second this was over they were both going to start doing whatever it took to make sure of that.


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