13 Chapter Twelve/ Aunt Betty’s House

Grace and Suze laid soaking wet and exhausted by Aunt Betty’s pool. It had gotten dark and the heat had turned into a strange breezy almost chilly night so Betty had brought out two giant Terri cloth robes for the girls and some huge ugly socks. The girls turned their noses up at the burly socks but put them on anyway.

“I didn’t like them at first either but they are like a protective shield against the chill.” Betty said noticing the girls’ obvious distaste for the multicolored woolen socks.

Betty smiled and put a large pitcher of green frozen liquid and two glasses with salt around the rims next to the two girls on the little table.

“I hope I’m not offending your sensibilities Grace.”

“You know you’re not Betty.” She smiled as a show of approval.

“Well that’s the good stuff so it shouldn’t give you a hangover which is good because we are going to the nail salon to get you two some girly looking nails in the morning.” Grace looked down at her half chewed nubs that rarely wore polish and exclaimed. “Oh no I might melt.”

Betty smiled and turned toward the house and went in for the night.

“Your aunt is kind of awesome.”

“I know right?”

“Why doesn’t she have kids she seems to like spoiling them?”

“As dad says; she loves children, other people’s children.” “That way when she’s done playing with them she can take them back and go on traveling the world freely.”

“Where does she get money? I want to be able to do that.”

“My grandparents were loaded and they left her and my dad money, he invested it and did all kinds of proactive things to make it earn and now we are almost broke and she just put it all in a decent savings account and she still has most of it. This house she bought at an auction like 10 years ago for like sixty thousand cash and that’s why she decided to stay in Arizona.”

“I think I want to be Aunt Betty when I grow up.“ Grace declared and the two girls laughed.

Suze poured the margaritas into the big glasses and they sat back in the deck chairs and took the first sips. Grace smiled as the liquid went down cold but was warming and wasn’t anywhere as bad as the stuff her dad had let her try a sip of a year ago, a Jack and Coke she remembered.

The weather was perfect and Grace and Suze continued to drink and laugh for the next few hours on Aunt Betty’s rustic old Deck chairs. Sometime around 1:00 in the morning Grace mumbled off in the middle of a sentence and Suze decided to start to gather their things so they could go to bed. She picked up the empty pitcher and the classes and then put them in the sink in the kitchen. She began to feel a little dizzy probably because she hadn’t actually stood in two hours and she sat down on the end of the big couch in the living room for a minute. It only took a second for her eyelids to become impossibly heavy.








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