31 Chapter Thirty / No Such Luck

Jay Branch made his way through Amarillo, Texas which looked surprisingly alive for what he figured was about 1:30 in the morning and then he ascended again into the dark void that seemed to be the norm for his ride through Texas on route to New Mexico next. He had been keeping his eyes peeled and when he finally pulled over for gas a now fourth time he wondered if the Gods would once again smile upon him and grace him with another scumbag with which to donate to the cause. He still needed a little over ten thousand dollars and he had absolutely no idea how he was going to get it. No for this time he could find no strange almost deserted truck stops or gas stations that were begging for the bulldozer and he sadly exited, filled the car up once more and left a big shiny new truck stop with no such luck. He had to simply drive as fast and as safe as he could to make it to the strange junk yard property in Topock, Arizona. The reality that he was going to have to go in guns blazing and save the day was a pretty good and the chance that he as well as Grace would die because he had no idea what to do and had no formal training unless you counted the stacks of movies in his Netflix queue, was great. No this was going to be the movie he had never seen and probably no one had ever filmed where the unequipped dad goes in like an idiot and everybody dies in a horrific bloody mess. But he had no choice if he went to the cops the asshole might get a chance to kill Grace before they caught him; and what would he tell them? He had a pretty good idea where this guy was when he made the call but he had no idea if he was just there for a second or if he had her somewhere on the property. The best thing he could do was get there and see for himself what the situation was, maybe get a glimpse of his daughter and then reassess the entire situation. He pulled back out on to I-40 once more and plunged into the Texas night aggressively aimed at the Arizona desert and the coming emotional apocalypse. He stopped once more in Albuquerque, New Mexico and filled up the car and himself with more caffeine. There was still no luck in finding another would be benefactor to the cause but there was the obvious signs of exhaustion beginning to take it’s toll. Jay found himself sitting in the front seat of the Volvo after losing 15 minutes of time at a gas pump with a strange old man knocking on his window to see if he was alive. After shot gunning a Rockstar and taking a quick two laps around the parking lot to get it to mix in his system he was back on the road and ready for more.


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