46 Chapter Forty Five / Escape

The scorpion was tan and in places looked almost see-through, Jay had never seen anything but the black scorpion every metal head kid used to draw so he had no idea what to think of this new creature. All he knew was that he didn’t need any more stress today. He began to gradually move away from it and off of his desired path just a little when he could see under the school bus that the metal door had opened just a little but he couldn’t make out why. He took stock of his entire surroundings; first the immediate area around his body for snakes, scorpions or who knew what other deadly creatures. Then as he moved forward to the larger circle around him and eventually to the house and everything else he could see from the ground where he was eventually making it to under the bus. He crawled under the bus to get a better view of the metal door as he watched it slowly open even a little more and then he saw her, his little girl peeking out from inside the dark basement room. He scanned the yard again quickly; he couldn’t see the kidnapper at all. He had no idea where he had gone inside of the little house and no way of finding out, the curtains and or blinds to every window were shut and even if they were open he probably wouldn’t be able to see through the dirt that covered the outside of every inch of the house and windows. He needed to let Grace know that he was there but he had to do it without making a sound that might alert her captor. He saw the perfect rock just a few feet in front of him but still under the bus so that he would not be exposed and once again on his stomach he crept forward in the dirt under the bus until he had his hand around the rock and the pushed himself up just enough to free his arm so that he could toss it in Grace’s direction. Feeling the dig of the rough dirt on every inch of exposed skin, Jay pulled himself up just enough and then tossed the rock toward the metal door watching as it came to a stop in front of his daughter’s now widening eyes and then as she followed the direction it had come from back to her dirt covered crazy father under the bus and giving him the relieved smile that he needed so much at this time. He could read her mind as she made a strange motion to him and he knew that she was asking in her own way what the plan was. He held up his finger making a circular motion in the air signaling that she would need to wait one second while he scanned the perimeter of the house. He then slid back under the bus and out the side of it coming to a standing position once again. Then taking his time to scan the area before moving forward one painful step at a time he made his way along the route that he had seen in his mind and around the well-stocked land of misfit cars.


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