53 Chapter Fifty Two / Headlights

The front door to Betty Price’s affordable desert ranch home was slightly ajar. Jay stood perfectly still inhaling every sight and sound that he could. He couldn’t hear any sound coming from inside the house and he saw no movement at all. Grace just stood next to him, she whispered as quiet as she could but making it just loud enough for her father to hear.

“He knows this place, this is where it he grabbed me” Jay knew that but he figured she was saying it to clarify what they were both thinking. He had no idea what to do or say, he wanted to say wait in the car and lock the doors but the Bronco had a giant gaping hole in the back of it and that wouldn’t do her any good. He stepped back slowly holding Grace’s hand and the both of them made it back to the Bronco in a hurried walk. Jay pulled up the center console and pulled the rolled up jeans out from under it and removed the guns handing the silver pistol to Grace. Jay’s cell had once again died and the cigarette lighter charger didn’t seem to be working anymore.

“Should we check and see if their okay?” Grace asked.

Jay just sat paralyzed in his seat. There were way too many thoughts racing through his mind. He scanned the outside of the house and the neighborhood around it and then wiggled his cell in the charger to see if it would start charging, nothing.

“We should drive somewhere and call the house. It’s not smart just to walk in he could be waiting in the dark.” Jay said in a voice just above a whisper.

“Turn the truck on dad and see if your phone will start charging and drive around for a minute.” Jay looked down, his phone was hanging from the charger completely dead it was useless but he wanted to at least get to a well-lit place and maybe find a phone so they could call the house. He reached up and turned the ignition on and the beast rumbled on.

“Does this thing need a key?”

“No.” Jay was distracted, a pair of what looked like old Jeep headlights came on down the street; he scanned the dirt covered junkyard in his mind and there it was, an old CJ parked toward the back of the house that had no top or doors.

“Shit.” Jay said and then watched as the Jeep started towards them.

“What?” Grace asked and then she saw the headlights as they began to speed up in their direction. Jay threw the Bronco in drive and gunned it toward the Jeep at just enough of an angle so that he could see the driver in the open Jeep but not completely freak out the driver if it wasn’t John William Grant.

With a great gnashing of metal on metal the two old SUVs traded paint in the middle of the street to the great surprise of both drivers. Their hatred of each other was parallel and this was going to be a bloody battle. Jay threw the Bronco into reverse and turned it aggressively off the street and onto a neighbor of Aunt Betty’s yard and cut through the grass and over into Betty’s yard stopping in front of the house and screamed to Grace

“Get in the house, lock the doors, call the cops and find anything that you can use as a weapon!” He paused as the sounds of tire chirps and gears shifting filled the air from the Jeep in the distance.

“Be careful daddy.” Grace pleaded.

“Not planning on that anymore.” Jay slammed the Bronco into gear and changed his entire demeanor from offense to defense and then plowed through yards and over a mailbox on his journey for retribution. John William Grant had remained on the defense as well and was headed straight for Jay; he had destroyed his sick twisted life and uprooted him from the only home he had never know and in his demented mind he needed revenge for those actions so he aimed squarely at the Bronco with furious anger. What Jay did not know was that the kidnapper sicko had a shotgun and a mighty blast from it tore the front driver side fender clean from the Bronco but not enough to bring it to a stop. Jay jerked the Bronco to right and bounced across the front yard of a house at the intersection of the next street spraying dirt and then rocks from the desert landscaping all over the area. His plan was to get the psycho away from Grace and then after a few minutes lead him back to the street so that by that time the cops would be there he just had to figure out how to stay alive long enough to do that. The Bronco accelerated onto the street as Jay could see the Jeep following his lead and plowing through the yard and onto the street behind him. He had him on the hook; he just needed to make sure not to pull too fast and lose him.


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