54 Chapter Fifty Three / Everything Will Be Fine

Grace walked cautiously through the front door of Suze’s Aunt Betty’s house gripped with fear and the anxiety of what she would find. During her kidnapping she had felt scared but nothing compared to the thought of seeing her best friend dead. The house was dark and she could see no sign of Suze or her aunt as she made her way through little house. She walked quietly through the living room to the kitchen where she had seen a land line phone hanging next to the refrigerator. She picked up the phone and for the second time in one day she called 911. And for the second time today another sedated 911 operator answered and Grace proceeded to blurt out every bit of information she could.

“My name is Grace Branch I am the one that John William Grant kidnapped that got away. He is here at my friend’s aunt’s house chasing my father in a Jeep and my dad is in a Bronco and I need an ambulance for two people because I can’t find my friend or her aunt but their front door was open and they may be injured.” Grace finished the huge run-on sentence and took a huge breath.

“Are you at 1519 Kerry Street in Lake Havasu City?”

“Yes! Are you sending the cops?” Grace blurted.

“Yes ma’am, we already have officers on route to that street because of shots fired.” Grace hung up the phone because she didn’t want to answer any stupid questions that she knew the operator would want answered, they already had the address and the information on what was going on and had begun sending officers. Not to mention the racket and insanity of her father and her kidnapper slamming into each other and screeching through the streets had probably already caused at least one 911 call before hers.

“Graaaace.” The low slurring sound was coming from the kitchen pantry. Grace approached it with caution. The pantry door was smeared with blood and when she tried the knob there was thick goo like substance that made it almost impossible to turn and when she first tried the door was locked.

“Suze it’s me can you open the door.” Grace saw the knob move a little and she could hear the lock unclick. She tried the door again and it opened. Susan Price was sitting on the pantry floor, her arm was covered in blood, she was looking up to Grace with tears in her eyes.

“Aunt Betty.” She said but Grace couldn’t tell if it was a question or a statement.

“What sweetie?”

“The man …. he shot her.” Suze lifted her arm up and Grace could tell that it looked like the arm was simply covered in blood and that there were no visible wounds.

“Are you hurt?”

“No, he heard you pull up and ran out the back door.” Suze crumbled into herself and Grace rushed over to hug her.

“The cops and ambulance are on the way, everything will be fine soon.”

“Everything will be fine soon.” Suze repeated.


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