52 Chapter Fifty One / Dinner

They hadn’t eaten real food in hours and Jay was craving a slab of beef and Grace wanted as she put it “enough fries to kill a moose.” They had agreed they would stay at Suze’s aunt’s house when they finally got free from the cops and Grace mentioned to her dad that she had seen a Jack in the Box on the way to Betty’s house. Knowing how her father loved Jack in the Box when they went to South Carolina and was always complaining they didn’t have one in Georgia. They went in even as crazy as they looked and ordered more food than they could possibly eat. Jay ordered something called the Bacon Insider that had bacon even in the mayonnaise and inside the burger meat and Grace ordered a Chicken Fajita Pita and curly fires. They felt almost normal under the florescent lights of the fast food restaurant, considering they pretty much used fast food restaurants as a replacement for the family dinner table that most people had. They finished their meals by getting milkshakes, Jay an Oreo and Grace a Strawberry and then made their way to Aunt Betty’s house where at least Jay hoped he could get a shower and finally crash out. After dinner they stopped at a Wal-Mart and ran in and Jay bought a change of clothes and some toiletries and a four pack of Rockstar for the long ride home. Grace grabbed three pairs of shorts and a couple of extra shirts, she had clothes in her luggage back at Betty’s but it never hurt to have a few extra.

They pulled up outside of Suze’s aunt’s house a little before midnight and made their way up to the front door.

“Maybe after you hose that scuz off, we can go for a swim dad.”

“I’m just hoping that I don’t pass out in the shower and split my head open at this point.” The air was hot and dry and the pool did sound like the perfect fix for it to Jay at this point but he knew he would probably drown if he passed out in a pool.



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