56 Chapter Fifty Five/ Good Riddance

Detective Wade stood in the middle of Aunt Betty’s neighborhood on Main street. A fire blazed on in the front yard of a corner house where the two SUV’s had collided and there was a trail of blood leading from the wreckage to the spot where he stood. Jay Branch had been helicoptered from the scene covered in blood, dirt and gore. He was losing blood fast but in surprisingly good spirits as he managed to say to Wade.

“He had a gun, it was self-defense.” Then smiled and nodded off as the paramedics hooked bags and wires up to him.

The detective walked cautiously towards the fire as the fire trucks arrived. He could see Grant’s body under the vehicle before the fire spread to it. His face was completely gone and Wade could tell that the rest of his body was twisted in a way that from the waist down at the time of his death he was paralyzed. Lying in front of the Jeep on the street was the shotgun that had done the majority of the damage to Jay Branch. Like he had said this was an obvious case of self-defense. The detective wondered to himself where exactly did the Glock handgun that Branch had ended Grant’s life with come from. The detective had checked the Bronco over when it had been in the station parking lot before interviewing Branch and there had only been a machete and a baseball bat that he could see.

The firemen doused the two SUV’s and gave the police the all clear to remove the body and investigate the scene. Ted Wade was the first to open the one working door of the old Bronco and peer in. It took less than a second to see the old plastic center console laying in the back of the truck and know that was where the guns had been hidden. The small cardboard box that lay beside it was even more damaging. There was no way that Ted Wade was going to nail Jay on gun charges after what he had just been through so he was going to have to make sure his story was straight. He reached into the Bronco and removed the wet black backpack, shoved the box inside of it and carried it to the trunk of the Crown Vic.



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