12 Chapter Eleven/ Breakfast with Sam

Jay’s alarm that he had set the night before on his phone for 9:00 in the morning was going off loudly and he was pretty sure it was playing the sound that would be on repeat in Hell. He made his way to the bathroom, showered, brushed his teeth and put the odd hair paste that Grace had bought for him in his hair and then “scooched” it as he was told. He had a breakfast meeting with Sam Dantello at the Broken Egg restaurant in Vinings which was about a stone’s throw from the corner of Smyrna he lived in. Sam wanted to discuss something with Jay about expanding to another store and more money for them both. Jay was more than positive a fire had been lit under Sam’s usually unmotivated ass by his new girlfriend.

Sam Dantello was a large man of probably 6 foot 3 but not an imposing figure in the least. He had shoulder length sandy brown hair and a thick red beard and was usually wearing an old Dantello’s shirt that was about one size too small because he refused to accept that he was getting a little more than a bit of a beer belly. He had been a stoner most of his life but had given it up when Jay had decided to, back when Beth was pregnant with Grace. For the most part he had been like a father to Jay for the past 20 years since the first day Jay had rolled up on a skateboard and plunked down a handful of change for a slice on the counter. Sam told him he could have it for free if he could ollie over a pizza box in the middle of the floor and Jay had quickly stacked 3 boxes up and cleared it with no problem. It had been a long time since Jay could even ollie up onto a curb but he still had a skateboard in the back of the old Volvo just in case.

As Jay had assumed, Sam was indeed interested in making more money so that he could spend time and more money on his new love but there was even more to the picture. Sam had been in talks with another local restaurant, Three Moon Pizza, to buy a portion of Dantello’s and make it a location of theirs. They would make Jay a managing partner of a new location they would be opening near his house. It would also give Jay a bright and shiny new title and a raise in pay. It wasn’t going to be until the start of 2015 but Sam was too excited to wait and he didn’t want to keep Jay in the dark any longer.

It was good news to be sure. Jay had spent most of his life just getting by and even though he had saved some money for Grace’s college he knew that it wouldn’t be enough for everything.

Jay had to go into the restaurant by noon to get the inventory done and make sure the order was done by 2:00. On the ride in Grace called and informed him she had been on a Jeep Tour in the desert that after noon. After she filled him in on the details of the tour, he told her about his talk with Sam.

“I’m so happy dad maybe now you can get the headliner in the Volvo fixed.” She laughed.

“After you graduate college I’ll think about.”

“You are so stupid.”

“I know, but you love me right?

“Of course I do daddy.”

“Good because I love you too kid, be safe okay?”

“Yes daaaaad.”

   Jay drove into work and finished all of the days ordering and then let Tony run errands during the middle of the day slump. Finally getting home a little after 6:00 he fixed himself a sandwich, a big gulp sized vodka Diet Coke and crashed out while burning through the end of season four of Breaking Bad in his Netflix queue.







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